Valentine’s Day for Brisbanites

So, you’ve found the Rhonda to your Ketut. The Kath to your Kel. The Biden to your Obama. Congratulations, you loved-up cute heads!
In case you hadn’t already thought of the cute shenanigans you’ll do with her this Valentine’s Day, I’ve composed a list of the best Brisbane date ideas that’ll really knock her socks off. Sometimes relationships can be quite expensive, so I’ve featured cheap but cool date ideas. And for those fancy-pants boys who want to take their beloved out on a super fancy date, I’ve got your back too.

Cheap Date: Chocolates, teddy bears, jewellery and flowers are all totally cliché. And frankly, in this heat, chocolate isn’t the best gift option. Give her what she really wants this Valentine’s, and sit down with her to catch up on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! with a couple of Zooper Doopers and the air-con blasting.
Fancy Pants: Buy her tickets to any given QPAC show. Smuggle in some Maltesers or Ferrero Rocher if you want to truly spice things up.


Cheap Date: Share a milkshake together. Not only will she consider this to be a totally romantic gesture, it will also save you the cost of buying an additional milkshake. Winning!
Fancy Pants: Take her to Brooklyn Depot and buy two of their Depot Shakes (one for her, and one for you). Or go out for some quality ice cream. Cold Rock and Baskin Robbins are for amateurs. Take her to Mister Fitz’s or Gelatissimo. If all else fails, you can always get her a tub of Connoisseur.


Cheap Date: Take her for a romantic City Hopper cruise along the river (it’s free) and see the sights of the Brisbane CBD.
Fancy Pants: Take her for a romantic CityCat cruise along the Brisbane River. Start your journey with drinks and a parmy at the Regatta pub, then head for the ferry terminal. Board the ferry and stand at the front, where you could both try to recreate the ‘flying’ scene from Titanic. Hop off at New Farm Park and have a picnic.


Cheap Date: Download a pirated copy of Fifty Shades Darker and leave her to her own devices…
Fancy Pants: Actually take her to the cinemas to see Fifty Shades Darker (or La La Land before it stops showing) and earn yourself some brownie points. Double brownie points if you buy Gold Class seats and pay for the popcorn.


Cheap Date: Find a good pasta recipe on Taste and treat her to some home-cooked Italian food. Bonus points if you make the meal together!
Fancy Pants: Book a table for two at the Marinara Trattoria restaurant in Paddington, and treat her to the ultimate Italian dining experience. Not only is it the best Italian food in Brisbane, but it’s also dinner minus the dishes. Score!


Cheap Date: Go to your local library and read Pride and Prejudice together. Sneak in some food and coffee, and you’ve got yourselves a cute little library picnic!
Fancy Pants: Take her to Dymocks or Archives Fine Books and buy her enough copies of Pride and Prejudice so that she can have a P&P collection the size of Pemberley.


Gentlemen (or ladies who like ladies), those are my best date ideas for V-Day or any other romantic Brisbane-based date. You can thank me later by naming your firstborn child after me.
If you actually did anything on this list for V-Day, or if you object to the term ‘single Pringle,’ let me know about it by giving me a nice, big, juicy comment. And if you do anything interesting this Valentine’s Day (other than cry and be single) I’d love to hear about it!

Much love,
Pear and Ivy xoxo


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